What’s In It For You

Aero Club members have front row seats to today’s outstanding advances and the opportunity to meet up front and personal aviation/aerospace greats, those on the leading edge of world aviation and aerospace progress.

Membership Includes:

HHMA recipients Neil Armstrong, Bob Hoover, Chuck Yeager

Regular luncheon and dinner meetings featuring newsworthy speakers giving an insider’s look at important aviation and aerospace topics.

Networking in the industry; Contacts with key aviation/aerospace “movers and shakers.”

Participation in special awards dinners and luncheons that support SCAA philanthropies, including:

The Howard Hughes Memorial Award dinner that annually honors aviation/aerospace greats. Past recipients include: Jack Northrop, Jimmy Doolittle, Pat Hyland, Bob Six, Kelly Johnson, Chuck Yeager, Ed Heinemann, Barry Goldwater Sr., Pete Conrad, Allen Paulson, Si Ramo, Jack Real, Ben Rich, Clif Moore, Lee Atwood, Harry Wetzel, Bobbi Trout, Tom Jones, Allen Puckett, Paul B. MacCready, John Brizendine, Willis Hawkins, Sam Iacobellis, Kent Kresa, Neil Armstrong, Frank Robinson, Burt Rutan, Eileen Collins, James Albaugh, Ron Sugar, Bob Hoover, Fred Smith and Clay Lacy.

Annual Scholarship Awards dinner honoring students from a wide range of Southern California colleges, universities, trade and high schools. SCAA Scholarships are financial grants to young people who distinguish themselves in space and aviation studies. SCAA’s prestige led to stewardship, preservation and ultimate relocation of the famed Hughes Flying Boat (the Spruce Goose). Revenue from this stewardship is used for SCAA’s scholarship program. A Marsha Toy Scholarship Fund has been established with an endowment of $100,000 from the founder of Academy Pacific Travel College. Recipients of this scholarship fund will be high school juniors and seniors to encourage their post-secondary education in aviation/aerospace and related scientific technology.

Programs recognizing National Aeronautic Association (NAA) and Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) record-setters. As the official arm of NAA and FAI, the SCAA honors area record setters with their certificates and plaques at our meetings. For example, Dick Rutan and Gina Yeager received recognition at an SCAA event, following their nonstop flight around the world.

Club-sponsored tours to such newsworthy locations as the Air Force One Pavilion at the Reagan Library, the Planes of Fame and Yanks museums at Chino, Edwards AFB, NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center, March AFB, and Pt. Mugu USN Missile Test Center.

NAA and FAI membership, including their periodic publications, opportunity to receive record books, special interest books.

Invitations to national aviation events such as the Wright Brothers dinner, Collier Trophy and other NAA-administered award presentations.