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The Mojave Air and Space Port is the premier civilian flight test facility in the world. With a 12,500’ by 200’ wide runway adjacent to the Edwards Air Force Flight Test area, R-2508, it is the home of US civilian flight testing. We will receive a mission and facility overview.

Scaled Composites founded by Burt Rutan, designs, builds, and tests new air vehicle concepts, that mark new milestones in aerospace. Scaled Composites has designed, built, and flight-tested over fifteen different air vehicles. We visit their latest aerospace projects.

Boom Supersonics. After two decades without commercial supersonic aviation, Boom demonstrated the XB-1, the world’s first independently-developed supersonic jet, which is the first step to supersonic air travel. We will get to see the XB-1 and hear about its testing.

The National Test Pilot School (NTPS) is a nonprofit civilian institution whose mission is to educate and train military and civilian aviation personnel so that each graduate increases their flight test competency and improves flight test and aviation safety. We will enjoy lunch and hear about the curriculum and view their many different training aircraft.

Stratolaunch operates the world’s largest aircraft. The Stratolaunch Roc is nearly as long as a football field and has a payload capacity of over 500,000 lbs. It carries hypersonic test vehicles to altitude so they can be launched into the hypersonic environment.

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