Ramona Cox

Ramona Cox

Board of Directors

Ramona Cox, known as “SkyChick” within aviation circles, has a background rich in entrepreneurship, adventure flying, competitive sports and learning to overcome the associated challenges. Through her company, SkyChick Adventures, she is a professional speaker and motivator. She uses her experiences as a metaphor to illustrate that with perseverance, courage and tenacity, anyone can overcome challenges and master success in all areas of their lives.

She is partnered with, and the general aviation spokesperson for, Honda Power Equipment. Using her background in business, marketing and social media studies at UCLA, Ramona created a highly successful and ongoing social media program for Honda which expanded from aviation events to encompass many other divisions. She is also an ambassador for Globalstar, a company that manufactures and provides satellite phones and PLB devices for her flying adventures.

For the past 10 years, Ramona has handled U.S. sales for MotoArt, which designs and fabricates high-end custom furniture from vintage airplane parts for offices, homes and hangars. Her work captures one of her passions—the preservation of aviation history.

“Our parts are extremely rare and include pieces such as an executive desk fabricated from the rudder from a B-25 Bomber or a 22’ long conference table fabricated from a B-52 Bomber flap,” Ramona says. “My clients range from the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company to a passionate pilot or aviation collector who is seeking the unusual.”

When not working, Ramona can be found flying her Cessna TU206 Stationaire into some of the most remote and challenging wilderness airstrips in North America, where she tests and reviews gear for various companies. She is a formation qualified pilot, skier, advanced scuba diver, and underwater videographer. As a producer, she filmed and edited two DVDs featuring “An Aviator’s Tour of China,” traveling with original members of the WWII 528th Fighter Squadron and highlighting the major attractions related to WWII and documenting the beginning of general aviation in China.

Ramona’s latest creation is the “Flying-Off-The-Grid” DVD, which highlights her back-country flying experiences and includes gear reviews and suggestions of the best gear for adventure camping. Her book, also titled Flying-Off-The-Grid, is filled with stories of adventure, each with a metaphor that relates to life, its challenges and how to overcome them.