Thomas Heinsheimer

Board of Directors

Dr. Heinsheimer has served the aerospace industry as a leader across a variety of roles including scientist, engineer, and chief executive. Some of his accomplishments include the following:

  • Life-long AIAA member
  • Board member of the Southern California Aero Club
  • Returned to the Aerospace Corporation to imagine new missions
  • CEO of Colbaugh and Heinsheimer in Rolling Hills, CA.
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist at SM&A
  • Manager at the Aerospace Corporation on US Air Force space programs
  • Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the South Coast Air Quality Management District
  • 9 terms as Mayor of the city of Rolling Hills, CA
  • Scientist in The Planetary Society’s Mars Rover Tests in Kamchatka, USSR.
  • Organizer of 9 international Gordon Bennett Balloon Races
  • Designer and pilot of the ATMOSAT record-holding super pressure balloon
  • National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Paris, France (1964 to 1968)
  • Manager for rocket from French Algeria center (under Foreign Legion protection)
  • Design engineer at MIT Instrumental Lab on Apollo guidance
  • Supported the on-the-pad check-out of the John Glenn orbital Mercury- Atlas rocket